Building Defect

Building Defect Inspection

All Build provide expert, independent and unbiased information. Know the issues and the remediation costs before you purchase!

As a homeowner, encountering maintenance issues is almost inevitable. Whether dealing with a singular problem or a range of concerns, our building defect inspections are at your service. We can tailor assessments to address isolated issues or conduct comprehensive full-house inspections to precisely pinpoint potential defects and damages in your property. This awareness equips you with the information necessary to make informed decisions on addressing defects or repairing your home.

Our building defects inspections prove invaluable in various scenarios. Whether you’ve observed damage like a roof leak, bouncing floor, or cracks in the brickwork requiring maintenance work, or you need an assessment of unstable outdoor features posing safety concerns, we’ve got you covered.

Moreover, if you’ve noticed water ingress around wet areas and bathrooms, it could signify issues like leaking showers or plumbing problems that, if neglected, might escalate into significant structural defects. Our responsive services swiftly evaluate the situation and deliver a detailed, unbiased report.

Rely on our reports, grounded in professional expertise and advice, enabling you to make informed decisions on how to address any defects in your home. Trust us to provide accurate and reliable building defect inspections, helping you maintain and safeguard your valuable asset.

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