Pre Auction

Pre Auction Building Inspection

Auction Day - be prepared with a pre auction building inspection!

Get a clear grasp of a home’s genuine value before the auction pressure sets in with All Build’s pre-auction building inspections. We offer localised insights, meticulous assessments, and top-notch service to empower you in making well-informed bidding decisions.

While auctions may hold allure for potential home buyers, the brisk pace can inadvertently lead to overbidding on a property harbouring concealed issues, resulting in costly misjudgments. To steer clear of such pitfalls, obtaining a comprehensive report on the property’s condition before entering the bidding arena is paramount.

Our pre-auction property inspections are thorough, impartial, and mirror the same meticulous process as our pre-purchase building inspections. Adhering to Australian Standards, our report findings align with the expectations for a secure and comfortable living environment. It’s crucial to note that when insuring the property, pre-existing damage is typically not covered under the policy, underscoring the importance of being fully informed, especially in the current climate.

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