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Pre Purchase Building Inspection

We Ensure a Thorough Inspection Before Your Property Purchase!

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Understanding exactly what you’re investing in before parting with your money is crucial. Are there potential future expenses hidden in major defects? Could addressing small issues have secured a more favorable purchase price? For new properties, are you confident that the workmanship meets your high standards?

At All Build Inspections, our primary objective is to make you fully aware of any factors that could impact the final purchase price. With no affiliations to builders or vendors, our inspections are dedicated solely to protecting your interests.

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is meticulously designed to scrutinize every facet of the property including:


  • Starting from the outside, we assess external walls for wear, cracking, and dampness, ensuring the building’s integrity.
  • Decks, patios, verandas, balconies, balustrades, and handrails are inspected for safety issues.
  • Hot water and electrical systems are examined, confirming the presence of safety switches.
  • External woodwork, including doors, frames, windows, and posts, undergoes a thorough evaluation.

Boundary Areas

  • We inspect boundary fencing.
  • Driveways and paths are examined for signs of deterioration or surface cracking.
  • Drainage problems and potential underground water retention are checked to prevent rising damp on main walls.
  • Any outbuildings, such as garages or gardening sheds, have their conditions reported.

External Roof

  • Inspection of the external roof allows us to identify broken or damaged tiles and assess the overall roofing structure.
  • Flashings, guttering, ridges, valleys, chimneys, and flue structures are assessed.

Sub Floor

  • We inspect the sub floor area, ensuring the removal of unused building materials and preventing potential termite infestation.
  • Dampness, safety hazards, pest capping, and the condition of piers and stumps are assessed for structural integrity.
  • Adequate ventilation is confirmed with unblocked air vents.


  • Internal walls are carefully examined.
  • Ceilings are checked for water leakage, and all doors, floors, and windows are inspected for signs of movement or dampness.
  • Wet areas, including bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, and laundry are scrutinized for mold, excess moisture, and faulty waterproofing.

Roof Cavity

  • External rain leakage, safely hazards, insulation materials are assessed.
  • The roof frame integrity is assessed.

Choose us for a comprehensive inspection that empowers you with the knowledge needed to make an informed property purchase decision.

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